Rarity: 7 stars

Era: Triassic

Habitat: Epic


Buy Price: ??

Sell Price: 80.000

Breeding time: 60 hours

EXP point: 500.000

Ingame Hint:

Complete All Event Goals  in Triassic

Solution Edit

Finish objectives those tell you to hatch specific dinosaurs first, this way your breeding will be counted to “Hatch 30 Eggs” quest.

Objectives Tips
Collect Full Coins from Habitat 150 times Simple, no need to build many small beast habitat. Daily check will easily complete this objective.
Hatch 30 eggs of any kinds using breeding lab Use Coleophysis + Coelophysis to have short breeding time.
Fill Large Sky Habitat with All Same Sky dinosaurs Fill it with Preondactylus.
Hatch Unicorn Visit Unicorn page and breed it
Feed 10 Dinosaurs to level 10 You need to have 102.200 food to feed 10 dinosaurs from level 1-10
Hatch No.12 Plesiosaurus 2 Consecutive times Visit Plesiosaurus Page
Hatch No. 4 Gojirasaurus 2 Consecutive times Visit Gojirasaurus 2 Consecutive times

How to get: Finish all event Goals before deadline